Sage Counsel from Ancient Greece

The Seven Sages of Greece (c. 620 BC–550 BC) is the title given to seven ancient Greek philosophers, statesmen and law-makers who were internationally renowned in the following centuries for their wisdom.  Traditionally, each of the seven sages represents an aspect of worldly wisdom which is summarized by an aphorism.


Here are the wise men and their timeless counsel:

  • Ruler Cleobulus of Lindos:  “Moderation is the best thing.”
  • Lawmaker Solon of Athens:  “Keep everything with moderation.”
  • Politician Chilon of Sparta: “You should not desire the impossible.”
  • Legislator Bias of Priene:  “Most men are bad.”
  • Philosopher Thales of Miletus:  “Know Thyself” (engraved on the front façade of the Oracle of Apollo in Delphi.
  • Ruler Pittacus of Mytilene:  “You should know which opportunities to choose.”
  • Ruler Periander of Corinth:  “Be farsighted with everything.”

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