Featuring Our Favourite 15 FB Wall Posters of 2012

Over the past few days, By George has re-posted our top-15-favourite wall posters of 2012 on our Facebook page. Readers will know that in past commentaries, we have argued the notion that FB wall posts are modern man’s hieroglyphics. When you skim through a FB timeline, it is akin to gazing over a wall in a pre-historic cave dwelling.


In featuring our favorite wall posters on Facebook, we are recognizing and celebrating those core messages By George strives to re-enforce in all its projects and writings. Our drive is to foster self-awareness, purpose and compassion in an increasingly complex and troubled world. Our editorial mission is to provide provocative and thoughtful ideas through articles in this writer’s blog, daily tweets @ByGeorgeJournal and, yes, the wall posters on our Facebook page.


Here is the #1 wall poster from 2012. You can view all 15 of our favourite posters by visiting the FB page of Chris George.

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