Guffaws about politics and campaigning

IMG_6958-2-250x300Here is By George’s contribution to the fine art of political humour – written for flacks, hacks and politicos – as well as for the many who sit in front of their TVs or cohorting in coffee shops, absorbed and totally amused by our politicians’ attempts to get our vote.


Keep ‘em Laughing is a collection of funny guffaws, “shaggy-dog” stories and sideways jokes by politicians about politics and the many games that are played in this profession. Politicians are always looking for a few laughs to break the ice on their never ending rubber-chicken circuit and this e-book has some of their absolute best classic lines.


Keep ‘em Laughing will put a smile on your face, one page after another. For politicos, this is a great resource that you can pull from throughout this year-long-run-up to the 2015 federal election.


Order your e-copy of Keep ‘em Laughing from the By George E-Bookshelf.

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