Canada’s stellar rep around the world


Canada has just been recognized as the “most admired” country with the “best reputation” in the world. This enviable title was awarded by The Reputation Institute.

Acording to an annual survey ranking the reputations of developed nations across the globe, Canada ranked as the most reputable country in the world, based on a variety of cultural, political, environmental and economic factors.

The full results of the 2015 Country Reptrak® Survey have been published and can be found here:
The Reputation Institute – 2015 Report

The Reputation Institute surveyed approximately 48,000 residents of G8 countries to gather the data for its rankings. Survey respondents were asked to rank the reputations of the world’s 55 wealthiest nations (based on GDP) in a variety of categories.

In a CTV interview, Fernando Prado, Managing Partner of the Institute, states that Canada is loved most for it is:

  • an ethical country with absence of corruption
  • a safe place for living
  • has a high level of welfare
  • a country with an effective government
  • has friendly and welcoming people

In the interview he reiterates that Canada is the best country because it has “a government that is perceived to be efficient.”

So, this is how the rest of the world views Canada, our riches and lifestyle at home and our participation in world affairs. We’re “most admired”, have got “the best rep”. Can you see this prized designation being part of an election dialogue?


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