15 phrases of unsuccessful people

By George recently came across an insightful piece by Sujan Patel in the magazine Entrepreneur.com in which she listed “phrases you’ll never hear a successful person say.” See how many of these utterances you recognize as being repeated by the nay-bobs in your workplace.

Be sure to catch yourself next time you hear yourself saying…

1. We can’t do that.

2. I don’t know how.

3. I don’t know… or I don’t know what that is.

4. I did everything on my own.

5. That’s too early.

6. That’s too late.

7. It’s too bad we couldn’t work together.

8. Let’s catch up sometime.

9. I’m sorry, I’m too busy.

10. That was all my idea.

11. I never read books.

12. I’m not good enough.

13. It’s OK (over and over).

14. If our competitors don’t have it, then we don’t need it.

15. Time off is for suckers.


Keep a positive perspective and can-do attitude and you will be successful in your work – and, unquestionably, this is applicable for your social life as well!


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