The By George St Valentine’s Wish

This sweet menu is our St. Valentine’s gift to you….

May your cupid arrows find their marks!

Indulge. Enjoy. 

Lovely Quotes

By George’s Top-Ten Love Quotes

Some Lovely Thoughts on Love

Quips on Love

5 Top-10 Lists of Quotes on Love

Sir Anthony Hopkins on life and love

A Sweet Potpourri

Did you know these St. Valentine’s Day facts?

Here’s the impact of a brain “in love”

The Urban Dictionary defines: Love

How Love Works (from How Stuff Works)

A Kiss Quiz

The most famous love sonnet by the Bard

The #1 Love Song (ever) 

Canada’s Greatest Love Song

FAVs & LOL Memes

Our Ten Favourite Love Posts

A Dozen Humourous Memes on Love and Marriage

A Dozen Social Media Posts of Love

Justin Trudeau’s Valentines Wishes

Valentine’s Wishes – from the U.S. Prez himself

Valentine’s Wishes – from the Donald

And here are another 14 memes for February 14

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