8 Questions To Ask If You Want To Change Your Life

Psychologist and life coach Dr. Danielle Dowling has posed eight provocative questions that can assist us in becoming more self-aware of our inner feelings about ourselves and our life. Her questions will help a person learn what is required to live their best life. Now, sit back and think these though…

1. Is my life fun?
Fun is about spontaneity. It seeks us out and our only job is to be ready! Think of your most joyous memories — most of them are probably of times you said yes to something unexpected.

2. Am I waiting for my life to begin?
Are you waiting to do something until a certain time in the future? A more appropriate or “perfect” time?

3. Do I have enough money?
Enough money, like enough anything, is subjective…. Enough for each of us is different… so do you worry or think too often about this?

4. Do I have enough friends?
How many friends are enough? Yes or no? Do you make time and space to celebrate and shoulder grief with our loved ones day and night?

5. Do I feel my feelings?
Do you embrace the happy and joyous as well as the messy and inconvenient feelings of your life? Or do lock them up and run away?

6. Am I overthinking things?
Are you losing sleep rerunning conversations in your mind? Are there just too many things to think about these days?

7. What does the future hold?
Is your future nicely planned, or are you prepared to embrace a sense of adventure and possibilities?

8. Where am I compromised?
We witness friends make certain mistakes over and over again and wonder how can they be so unaware. But there may be a similar pattern to the problems that plague you. Is there specific criticism you receive regularly?

This article, plus Dr. Dowling’s commentary about each of the questions, can be found on the www.mindbodygreen.com website.

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