Take 5 Minutes – Be Happy


Each and every day, each and every moment, you can choose your mood – and doesn’t it make all the sense in the world to choose “happy”?!


Here is a fantastic list of 17 things you can do for five minutes that will radically make you happier. If you make them a habit, there is a good chance you will find yourself skipping through days.


In the next 5 minutes, consider taking the follow action(s).






Say Hello To A Stranger


Recite A Positive Message To Yourself In A Mirror


Take In The View


Let Someone Else Know How Much You Care


Persuade Your Mind To See The Beauty Of Things




Open A Window And Breathe In Fresh Morning Air


Hug A Loved One


Listen To Your Favorite Happy Song


Enjoy A Little Silent Break


Buy Some Flowers Just Because


Ask A Coworker You Never Really Talked Too How They Are Doing


Take A Moment To Be Grateful


Make A List Of Plans And Goals For The Day


Accept Who You Are Today And Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes




By George found this list on the Inspower.co website. The full article is here: “17 Things You Can Do With 5 Minutes Per Day That’ll Radically Make You Happier”


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