The Flashback Photo Gallery

In celebration of CG&A Communications passing the 30 year milestone, here is a series of photos that record a few of the firm’s activities. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Lisa Hingley in her first office (1994). 

Chris George – already with greying hair (1994).

Airport President Paul Benoit (far right) helps to unveil the new Ottawa Airport logo. CG&A COMM managed all public relations for the transition to the Ottawa Airport Authority – including the development of the new logo (1996-97).  

Federal Minister John Manley officially hands over the airport terminal keys to the Ottawa Airport Authority in a public ceremony February 1, 1997.

Chris & Lisa are all smiles having received their first cheque from the Ottawa Airport Authority (1997). No more watering down the soup! CG&A Communications would be the airport’s public relations company of record for more than three years.

Chris was the campaign manager for Jim Watson’s first mayoralty race in 1997. Here the Mayor-Elect is with Lisa, Chris, and Maureen Murphy — all smiles on the victorious election night. 

Chris speaks with MADD Canada President Susan MacAskill and National Board Chair Tony Carvalho at a MADD Canada National Conference in mid 1990’s. 

Chris and Lisa with MADD Canada Executive Director Andrew Murie at a Ottawa press conference launching a study on youth impaired driving fatalities (circa early-2000s). 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a MADD Canada press conference in 2006 to introduce the then toughest federal impaired driving laws in Canada. 

The management of MADD’s federal and provincial government affairs program — helping the families of victims of impaired driving — was the most rewarding work of our company’s history. 

Lisa and her mother, Daisy, organizing a MADD Canada mailing – circa late-1990’s. (All family members have been part of the CG&A COMM story at sometime in its history.) 

The Ottawa Transition Board’s 14-month mission was to establish a new council and city management team, design new delivery models for municipal services, re-organize the municipal 14,000-plus employees, and present budgetary recommendations to save taxpayers over $80 million annually. Led by Chairman Claude Bennett, the seven member Board worked tirelessly to meet its objectives and ensure an orderly amalgamation.

Claude Bennett, seen here speaking at a Ottawa Transition Board press conference (1999). It was a pleasure to serve Claude, one of Ottawa’s most distinguished community leaders.

Claude Bennett served as Ottawa South MPP and was a minister in the governments of Premier Bill Davis. Claude also served as Chairman of the Royal Canadian Mint, Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation, and the Ottawa International Airport — among many other federal, provincial and municipal responsibilities.

For more than 22 years Chris served the CMEC Copyright Consortium in managing the advocacy initiatives for the country’s education ministers and their efforts in Ottawa to advance teachers’ and students’ users rights within Canadian copyright law.  

In May 2013, Members of Parliament unanimously passed a motion put forward by MP Dean Allison to raise awareness of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening medical condition brought on by severe allergies. Volunteers and family members of the Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) worked with the Niagara-based MP Allison to achieve this significant initiative for people with life-threatening allergies.

Chris is honoured to have worked with Dr. Merrilee Fullerton during her political journey through the past near eight years – providing communications counsel through the nomination process and 2018 provincial election, and serving as campaign manager for Merrilee’s victorious 2022 campaign.

A recent photo of Chris and Lisa at a client’s event (2022) .

It has been a heck of a ride…. 30 years! (photo circa 1998)

To read more about the history of the company, click: On passing the 30 year milestone.

Chris George is an Ottawa-based government affairs advisor, news commentator and wordsmith, president of CG&A COMMUNICATIONS. Contact:


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