30 Significant Events of 1994

Here are thirty significant world events of 1994, the year CG&A Communications opened its doors.

  1. The world population reaches 5,670,000,000 (today it is 2 billion more)
  2. TV series ER and Friends debut
  3. OJ Simpson’s white Bronco is chased by police LIVE on international news
  4. Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as South Africa President
  5. Rwandan genocide begins in Kigali, Rwanda
  6. The Channel Tunnel is opened to connect Britain with France
  7. Amazon is founded with a goal to change the way we shop
  8. Yahoo is founded and Netscape launches Navigator, the first Internet browser
  9. Sony PlayStation is introduced and first smartphone, the IBM Simon is introduced
  10. The computer Zip Drive is introduced
  11. The Whitehouse launches its website
  12. Bill Clinton is US President; former President Ronald Reagan announces he has Alzheimer’s
  13. Jean Chretien is Prime Minister of Canada and Bob Rae Premier of Ontario
  14. Lucien Bouchard is infected with flesh-eating disease and loses a leg
  15. Former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis dies of cancer at age 64
  16. Time Magazine’s Man of the Year is Pope John Paul II
  17. The Lion King movie is released, the biggest hit of the Disney Renaissance era
  18. The blockbuster movie of ‘94 is Forrest Gump
  19. Schindler’s List wins a number of Oscars
  20. Whitney Houston has album and record of the year with “I Will Always Love You”
  21. Song of the Year is “A Whole New World” (theme From Aladdin)
  22. Singer/Songwriter Kurt Cobain commits suicide at age 27
  23. Michael Jackson and Lisa Maria Presley are briefly married
  24. Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber is born and comedian John Candy dies of a heart attack at age 43
  25. Canadian comedian TV show Kids in the Hall ends after five seasons
  26. For the first time in history, chain bookstores outsell independent stores
  27. American Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan has her knee clubbed in an attack
  28. The George Foreman Grill is released
  29. Canada hosts the Commonwealth Games in Victoria BC winning 129 medals (40 gold)
  30. Brazil wins the World Cup, BC Lions win the Grey Cup, Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl, and NY Rangers win the Stanley Cup

To read more about the history of the company, click: On passing the 30 year milestone.

Chris George is an Ottawa-based government affairs advisor, news commentator, and wordsmith, president of CG&A COMMUNICATIONS. Contact: ChrisG.George@gmail.com.


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