Another example of Big Government = Big Costs


Our Big Government comes with unthinkable costs. Take for example the $1.1 BILLION cost of hosting the world’s leaders for a few days in June. CBC Reports “Summit costs hit $1.1B”:


   The cost of hosting the G8 and G20 summits next month in Ontario now stands at $1.1 billion and further outlays are likely, federal documents show.


   The price tag includes $160 million for hospitality, infrastructure, food safety and extra staffing. That amount is in addition to the $933-million security bill the Tories revealed earlier this week.

This is truly unbelievable at a time when our citizens are finding their way back from the economic meltdown of 2008 – and still face unknown hardship with the global economy teetering from one unstable situation to another.


Here’s Pierre Bourque’s ( comment on this Big Government shocker:


   Two months ago, the Tory government told Canadians that security costs for the two summits would be less than $200-million. In just eight weeks, those projections have nearly quintupled. The Harper government should be shame faced over either the sudden escalation of costs or their initial less-than-forthcoming estimates. And they might want to think twice before criticizing cost overruns by the previous Liberal government, such as the $1-billion gun registry.

Message to the PM:  Our government shouldn’t be so fast to host these international affairs when there is such a dear price to pay.

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