Top-10 List of Canadian Foods

In celebrating Canada Day in 2020, By George is producing a Top-10 List of Canadian Foods.

For this list By George consulted the following:, Readers’ Digest, Yahoo, Canadian Living, and the Taste Atlas. Ultimately, however the By George braintrust selected and ranked the top ten list.

Here are the Honourable Mentions:

Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls, Saskatoon berry pie, Beavertails, Montreal-style Bagels, Maple Taffy, Sugar pie, Hawaiian pizza (with pineapples!), Split Pea Soup, Moose Burgers, and the drink Caesar (with Clamato Juice)

The By George Top-10 List of Canadian Foods

10. Halifax Donair

9. Kraft Dinner

8. Nanaimo Bars

7. Peameal Bacon

6. Tourtiere

5. Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich.

4. Pancakes and (endless) Maple Syrup

3. Cedar Planked Salmon

2. Poutine

1. Butter Tarts

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