Wellington County Butter Tarts

Wellington County proclaims it is home to a provincially recognized Butter Tart Champion (?!). The County has excellent bakeries, farm markets and restaurants and it is actively promoting a ramble through the countryside to discover a “favourite butter tart.”

In Wellington County there are 13 stops that feature butter tarts. From Belwood Country Market to Strom’s Farm south of Guelph, there is a great map and wonderful write ups of the bakeries: Wellington County Butter Tarts.

Make a stop into Misty Meadows Market in Conn

Here is must-stop: Thatcher Farms Butcher Shop, Makery and Farm Market outside of Guelph

In previous years, Wellington County also has hosted an annual Butter Tarts and Buggies Tour. Check out this event – and let’s hope in the future it will resume.

And about the County’s claim of having the champion butter tart baker….

   “Helen Moffat has been entering (and winning) the butter tart competition at the Drayton Fair for 48 years. But this past fall, she decided to submit her prize-winning tarts to a new competition, which would make her eligible for the second annual provincial butter tart competition hosted by the OAAS (Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies). Moffat swept the competition at Drayton and then moved on to districts (there are 15 OAAS districts in Ontario) to face off against other local winners.’ In February 2019 she was crowned the grand champion of the OAAS for her butter tart recipe.”

   ‘She’s not revealing the secret to her prize-winning ways any time soon. Much to her family’s chagrin, she doesn’t have a recipe to pass down. “I eyeball it, I never measure anything. That’s just the way I’ve done it for years,” she says.’

By George has declared July as “Butter Tart Month.” Here is a menu of our delectable articles on Canada’s iconic dessert.

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