The ugly #’s behind our Big (Ontario) Government


Columnist Christina Blizzard calls a Big Government as she sees it. Here’s what she writes about Ontario’s McGuinty Government:


     The bald figures are these:

     1.Your electricity bill will climb 46% over the next five years.

     2.The government will give you a 10% rebate on the total bill — including the tax.

     3. In 2002-03, the year before the Liberals took power, total revenues to the province were $74.6 billion.

     4. That figure for the 2010/11 fiscal year is $107.6 billion. That additional $33 billion, one way or another, has come out of your pocket and mine.

     5. Total expenses in 2002/03 were $74.5 billion.

     6. Total expenses in 2010/11 are projected to be $125.6 billion — a $51.1-billion increase.

     The more the Liberals take money out of our pockets, the more they spend — and the more we go in debt.  This is irresponsible, verging on the reckless — and it has to stop.


To understand exactly what a Big Government approach will do to an economy, read “Spanky Math spanks Ontario: Thursday’s economic update features a head-spinning amount of bad news plugged in the numbers” – Christina Blizzard in the Toronto Sun:


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