Biking along the Mississippi River

One of the absolute pleasures of cycling in the northern regions of Lanark County is to enjoy the many views of the Mississippi River – from Carleton Place through to Morris Island where the river empties into the Ottawa River. Here are some photos capturing the beauty of the river…

Mississippi River flows out of the Mississippi Lake — an excellent spot to relax is at Riverside Park Beach in Carleton Place.

Picturesque Carleton Place Town Hall

View from the Ottawa-Valley Rail Trail in Carleton Place

Entering Appleton

Peaceful Appleton

Leaving Appleton — looking back upriver towards Carleton Place

Entering Almonte — the historic Old Town Hall

Almonte’s popular riverside restaurant patio

Looking upriver from the OVRT bridge in Almonte

The beautiful waterfalls in Almonte (photo op!)

The Blakney Rapids — great place to take a dip

Blakney Rapids — looking back upriver towards Almonte

The infamous Pakenham five-span bridge (photo op!)

Galetta (The City of Ottawa’s western-most community.)

Morris Island (just east of where the Mississippi drains into the Ottawa River)


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