50 km Almonte-Appleton-Mill of Kintail Loop

Here is an enjoyable 50 Km route that is one of my favourite loops.

Begin at the Almonte Old Town Hall, take a spin down Mill Street and past the Victoria Mills Falls to proceed to Appleton Sideroad (approx. 2.6 km).

Ride the Appleton Sideroad to Appleton – but pass by the Northern Lanark Museum and take the back way down River Road into the hamlet (approx. 12.2 km). Proceed over the bridge and out past the golf course. Ride the Fairway Crescent to County Road 29 to Pick Road to Ramsay 8 (approx. 4.1 km).

Near the corner of Pick Road and Ramsay 8 pick up the rail trail and you are going to make a small detour into Carleton Place – to the bridge over the Mississippi River (to bridge and back approx. 3.1 km).

Proceed back down the rail trail to Ramsay 8 and take a right to follow this road to Drummond Road. Left on Drummond Road; right on Ramsay 7A; right on Rae Road; and rejoin Ramsay 8 (approx. 8.3 km).

Proceed down Ramsay 8, pass the Mill of Kintail (approx. 7.9 km) to Bennies Corners Road (another 1.1 km). You may wish to take a break and visit the Mill museum and grounds – it’s a hidden gem steeped in history. Right on Bennies Corners Road (which turns into Blakeney Road) and proceed to Blakeney Rapids (approx. 2.5 km). At Blakeney Park, the rapids make for a wonderful place to take a dip.

Follow Blakeney Road across the Mississippi River, up the hill, and through to the rail trail entrance off Ridge Road (approx. 1.5 km). Right onto the rail trail until you get to Martin Street North and then proceed on the road back into Almonte (approx. 5.6 km).

Ride Martin Street and right onto Main Street to the rail trail. Cross over the rail trail bridge in town, pass behind the Old Town Hall and, again, proceed down Mill Street to the Victoria Mills Falls (approx 1.1 km).

Raise the bike over your head and get a photo in front of the falls.

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