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My family was pleased to be in Ottawa yesterday to be part of the good news for Canadians coping with severe, life-threatening allergies.  Here are some references to what I had to say in Ottawa.  


Postmedia News reporter Sarah Schmidt wrote:  


     Chris George and his family drove from St. Catharines, Ont., to Ottawa to laud the announcement, saying the labelling changes will mean “shopping is that much safer” for their family. George’s seven-year old son, David, is allergic to nuts and legumes, so it’s “absolutely necessary” that food labels are accurate and written in plain language, he said.


     “We depend on our food producers, we depend on our food packagers to provide accurate labelling, so we know what the content is. We need to be 100% sure. That is the reason why this announcement is good news for our family,” Mr. George said.




Jessica Murphy of Sun News Parliamentary Bureau wrote:


Canadians with allergies and celiac disease have been pressuring the feds to toughen laws so it’s easier for them to know they’re making safe food purchases .


“It’s habitual for us (to read food labels), but also absolutely necessary,” said Chris George, whose seven-year-old son David is severely allergic to nuts. About 2.8 millions Canadians – and increasingly children – have food allergies.


Also, video clips can be found here:


CTV’s report by Pat Foran (in news video player box):


Global National News:



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