Election 2011 – an uneventful gallop

When they burst from the gates, here’s what the field looked like (Nanos March 29th poll):

Con 38.4%

Lib 28.7%

Ndp 19.6%

Bq 9.1%

Grn 4.1%



Today, here’s the call (from the Nanos poll):

Con 38.7%

Lib 28.8%

Ndp 18.6%

Bq 9.0%

Grn 4.1%


Three weeks of campaigning and no change. This is a race for the leadership of our country! Either Canadians have yet to become interested and engaged; or the Leaders have yet to connect with Canadians in a way that would alter current perspectives about what is possible in Ottawa….


We just find it passing strange that the horses are trampling down the backstretch and there’s been no change in their positions.

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