Our “Cherry Bombs” were popular

In a series of tweets last week, the By George Journal highlighted the colourful life of sports commentator Don Cherry. Taken largely from the Toronto Star news expose “The wonderful, unlivable life of Don Cherry” written by Vinay Menon, we offered many quotes and tidbits of information about the man who has become a Canadian icon.

Our Don Cherry Twitter series and our previous blog article, posted on the eve of the Stanley Cup finals, got By George Journal featured in The Fan Zoo Hockey Daily last week.

Here are those quotes and facts, first issued on the ByGeorgeJournal Twitter channel:


  • “I mean everything I say.” – #DonCherry
  • “They (CBC) really did not like me. But I think I became so popular they had no choice.”
  • “Television is a jungle… is a tough business… Everybody hopes you fail.”
  • “I’m a construction worker. I’m not a performer.” ~ on his approach to TV broadcast
  •  “Once you start thinking you’re a big star & stuff like that, then u lose something.” ~ on his approach to TV
  • “Better suits.” ~ on the only change since becoming a celebrity sports commentator
  • “Cherry occupies a rarefied place in the pantheon of Canadian celebrity.” – TorStar reporter Vinay Menon
  • “It really toughens you. Nothing can hurt you after that.” – #DonCherry on 16 yrs in minor #hockey
  •  “I grew up with a lot of Scots and Irish who were construction workers. I picked up a lot of their expressions.”
  • “I honest to God still think of myself as a 32-year-old hockey player who worked on construction in the summer.”
  • #DonCherry priorities: “As long as I can get home at night and have my three or four beers and my steamer (sauna).”
  • Dghtr Cindy on her Father: “I haven’t seen him change 1 iota. Sometimes people mellow w age, but that doesn’t apply to D.C.”
  • The great Bobby Orr on #DonCherry: ““He’s the most consistent man I know.”
  • Brian Williams on #DonCherry: “Don is about integrity & values. He believes if u do something, u do it for the proper reasons…”
  • Believe it? #DonCherry reads books on Lawrence of Arabia, Sir Francis Drake, Lord Nelson & writings of Horatio Alger & Miguel de Cervantes.
  • Ron MacLean: #DonCherry “is an essayist who is trying to combine a little bit of journalism, a little bit of philosophy & theology.”
  • Ron MacLean: #DonCherry “is trying to convince the world of the need for honour….”
  • “…in our world, it’s very easy 2 be isolated from a deeper conversation about those kinds of lessons.” MacLean on #DonCherry
  • “The game has lost a lot of honour. There’s no doubt they skate faster and they’re bigger…”
  • “…but they don’t respect one another like they used to and I don’t think the intensity is there.” – #DonCherry #quotes #hockey #hnic #nhl

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