An attempt at defining “social media”

Want the definition of “social media”? Google it an find that Wikipedia defines it :

“are media for social interaction using highly accessible and scalable pubishing techniques. Social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues.”

But we came across a few tongue-in-cheek definitions of social media from Jackson Wightman:

  • The group of web based things that saved the PR profession from going the way of dinosaurs
  • The group of web based things that brought loads of losers out of their moms’ basements and turned them into internet superstars
  • A much hyped marketing channel whose overall performance is still dubious, due to the difficulty in measuring its impact on the bottom line with any degree of rigor
  • The ‘next’ version of email marketing (remember how hyped that was)
  • The collection of web based things that killed society’s attention span
  • A misunderstood group of tools that are driving Fortune 500 executives crazy
  • A marketing channel where “awesome” is the most used word
  • Scary shit, because you have to keep feeding the beast

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Social media is misunderstood more than it is appreciated. One certainty – it’s both a blank sheet for your creativity and a black hole for your spare moments. It’s all and nothing. The value on derives from it is found in what is shared with your “friends” – and the world. It’s what you give – of not only your time, but also of yourself.

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