An Update on Our Anaphylaxis Activities

Readers of this Journal will know that we are active advocates for Canadians with severe, life-threatening allergies. (Tag: anaphylaxis for past articles)

Chris George is part of a group that formed in Fall 2010 to work with MPs and raise the level of awareness for anaphylaxis in Parliament and with the Ottawa bureaucracy. The Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) has had some initial successes in grabbing the attention of Members of Parliament and prompting a debate in the House of Commons last March.  (Hansard link:

Today, CG&A COMMUNICATIONS issued a press release which provided an update on the current activities of the CAI. The group is poised to continue their advocacy efforts in Ottawa once the House of Commons resumes this September.  Chris George says, “…we’re persistent and ever-hopeful that our efforts will prompt action in Ottawa. We want to forge the necessary connections between those decision- and policy-makers in the federal government and those Canadians who are coping with life-threatening allergies.”

Here is the full release:

The Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative has launched a website to inform Canadians (and especially those people in Ottawa who are entrusted with responding to emerging medical and safety concerns in our country).  Visit the website:

In the months ahead, watch for more news of the CAI advocacy efforts on its new website and on the CAI Facebook page (ed. – and, of course, here in the By George Journal).

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