Lisa LaFlamme – beginning the new era of CTV News

Veteran reporter Lisa LaFlamme takes over from Lloyd Robertson this week as she becomes CTV’s Chief Anchor and Senior Editor for CTV National News. This 47-year old, Kitchener – Waterloo native is not only skilled and able as a newsman, but will be a reliable voice of reason at the end of a day.

Here are some background notes and quotes of Lisa* :  

  • Began her media career in radio in 1989 and moved to CKCO News where she anchored the Kitchener station’s newscast for six years
  • Co-hosted morning show Canada- AM in 2001 – 2003
  • Has spent a great deal of her time at CTV News overseas in war zones and in natural disasters
  • The character trait that drives her most is curiousity. In her words: “I’m insatiable. Curiousity is why I’m in the business. I never get bored. I don’t even know what that is.”  
  • On Lloyd Robertson:  “I’m very excited about the new job and I’ll tell you right now, I owe a lot of it to Lloyd. He’s been a mentor and a friend for years and I will miss his guidance and constant presence.”
  • On the value of empathy: “It’s lacking in our world. If we could jack that up, the world would be a better place.”
  • Her advice to would-be journalists: “Don’t take a job you’re not passionate about, and learn to write well.”

Lisa starts her new responsibilities tonight. All the best!

( * – Source for some data was newspaper article “Over to you, Lisa” in Forever Young; other data from CTV website. )

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