1001 Quotes on Politics – now available

We have published a wonderful resource for all those politicos mastering the game of politics as well as those armchair critics who are avid fans of the sport.

1001 Quotes on Politics, Elections, Democracy and Government is now available – and you can obtain your book on-line with a payment via PayPal.

Here is an introductory blurb from the book:

     This tome of quotes on power, politicians, elections and government is born of my love for politics. The more than 50 pages contained within are the very best “bons mots” on our world of politics – past and present.

      This collection has many Canadian musings including scores of quotes from Prime Ministers Sir John A. Macdonald and John George Diefenbaker.

     You will find the “Political Mastermind” Niccolo Machiavelli, ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, many great American influencers, and insightful thoughts from Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

     Included within are the great legends of the 20th century:  Sir Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan.

     There is also a generous amount of humour injected with the delightful wit of Will Rogers and H.L. Mencken.

      Through the past two years, I have personally selected these 1001 quotes. I trust you will enjoy the brilliance of thought as much as I have assembling what I believe are the very best thoughts mused on all that involves and impacts politics.

1001 Quotes on Politics is available for $5 from CG&A COMMUNICATIONS – either with a cheque or via an on-line PayPal payment. Order your copy from the By George E-Bookshelf.


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