By George Journal’s 2011 Review

Thank you to our readers for a great year! Our readership is growing and word about this journal is spreading.  In 2011 — its second full year as an on-line opus — By George Journal quadrupled the numbers of daily visitors and more than tripled the pages viewed from the previous year. In looking back, the top five posts of 2011 were:

     #1 – Our By George Christmas Wish, with its list of useful links to get us through the holidays

     #2 – 2011 Election – Joke of the Week (there were six in total through April and May – all found in “election” tag)

     #3 – Food Allergen Labelling Regulations Strengthened and the posts recording the events of the February 14th Ottawa news conference re anaphylaxis and food labeling. For those news stories, view the February 2011 posts tagged anaphylaxis.

     #4 – On becoming Google-stupid, a digital dummy

     # 5 (tied) – Our “Cherry Bombs” were popular (a post recounting our tweets on Don Cherry)

      #5 (tied) – Pointers on the Perfect Handshake 

(Honourable mentions include: the fall series of posts relating to The Future of News – and any number of posts listing quotes to motivate and to inspire – selections from our Twitter account and from the November release of the e-book A Day in the Life of Man .)

As we enter the new year, our humble goals are to 1) continue our growth in the By George Journal readership and 2) make new friends and contributors to this Journal, as well as our Facebook and Twitter activities.

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