Top-5 Favourites of our Favourite: Ernest Hemingway

A portrait of Ernest Hemingway hangs on our office walls and HE is ever-present as I tap away at the keyboard. Hemingway is a personal favourite – and inspiration – always has been.

Now it’s been 50 years since his untimely death. With this passing of time, on January 1st here in Canada, all of this great master’s works lose their copyright and enter into the public domain.  

To mark this occasion, we offer our top-5 favourite books – and through this year will share some of the most remarkable passages from these five masterpieces.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

A Farewell to Arms

The Old Man and the Sea

The Sun Also Rises

Death in the Afternoon 

 To read more of the genius of Ernest Hemingway, we direct you to our top three sources on the Net:


Enjoy the read!

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