Our resolution “to write more”

In our e-newsletter delivered earlier this week, I boldly revealed my 2012 resolution to write more.  (BTW – click here to read our e-newsletter which contains a selection of “Our Favs” from By George Journal posts.)

The # 1 question that has been asked of me since this revelation has been “What can we expect this year?” Well, currently on my writing desk, I have a total of 6 e-books which I hope to bring to publication in the next ten months. These projects include:

  • Becoming Better Communicators – a self-empowering handbook for the workplace and social engagements (this is a March release)
  • com-mu-ni-cate (verb) – a look at the discipline of effective communications
  • a lament for Sir John A Macdonald
  • a compilation of political and election campaign jokes

There are a couple of surprise creative pieces that I plan to introduce later in 2012.

And, of course, there are countless articles and postings ready for posting on our By George Journal (though we hasten to add that we intend to keep journal materials both timely and topical – so I anticipate much of our un-published pieces will remain so).

As a final note, to those who are new readers of By George Journal or new followers of our Facebook and Twitter activities, we currently have e-book publications available. You can read more on these publications on the preceding post ( immediately below or here ).

We invite you to join the By George’s Twitter feed and Facebook page.  We certainly would like to hear your freedback on our writings. We hope and trust you enjoy our work!   

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