“Sloughing” through February

CG&A COMM has issued a release to relate the company’s plans to intensify its writing services and advocacy work.  Here is an excerpt from that statement:

     A snake’s sloughing process has it rubbing against rocks and sticks to peel back and shed weathered skin, and reveal it’s bright, new coat of scales. Through this molting, the animal is renewed.

     Through the month of February, CG&A COMMUNICATIONS will be sloughing to take on a renewed, attractive look with its website, the By George Journal and the company’s on-line activities. Along with the new look, President Chris George is unveiling new writing projects and services and has promised to “redouble efforts” on the company’s core wordsmith services. [Read his 2012 resolution in the latest e-newsletter.]

     “We’re intensifying what has always set us apart from other PR firms – our writing services and advocacy work,” explains Chris George. “With the explosion of social media in our business and personal space, the PR adage of ‘Content is King’ is increasingly significant for all of us. Anyone with something to say, wanting to be heard, must confront the hurricane of images and words blasting through the on-line world. You need quality content that is engaging and persuasive just to get noticed.”  

     “We’ll be enhancing our writing services to take full advantage of the direct contact social media tools offer organizations and businesses.” George adds, “While it’s a fact that it’s never been easier to express yourself, it’s never been harder to be heard, understood, and appreciated.”

     In the weeks ahead, Chris George will unveil a new company website, a re-designed By George Journal, and new features on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Read the full release here.

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