The Anaphylaxis Dialogue in Ottawa

March 21st marked the one-year anniversary of a special House of Commons debate on the health condition “anaphylaxis” – life-threatening allergies – that occurred in Ottawa. For those who have followed our advocacy work on anaphylaxis, you will know a group of volunteer families has been working for years with MPs to help raise awareness of what can be done to reduce the risk of unnecessary anaphylactic incidents for Canadians.

Those families involved with Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) were thrilled a year ago when Niagara Glanbrook MP Dean Allison kicked off a debate on his Parliament motion to raise awareness for severe, life-threatening allergies. MP Allison has been instrumental in introducing realistic proposals to improving the federal government’s involvement with making Canada a safer place for those Canadians coping with anaphylaxis.

To mark the anniversary, By George Journal will feature five articles this week on anaphylaxis and the CAI’s approach to working with Members of Parliament, Health Canada, and other departmental officials in Ottawa.

The CAI is looking for your feedback on this matter and we ask you to contact us at with your feedback and any suggestions for moving our goals forward. For more information on the Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative, please visit the website:

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