CAI and Anaphylaxis Awareness in Ottawa

Anaphylaxis is serious, potential deadly – yet, it often seems that people wish to ignore facts. In Canada, those with this medical condition are increasing in numbers; as are the health care costs of treating anaphylactic attacks. FACT:  Anaphylaxis is an issue that is not going to go away. Would it not seem reasonable, therefore, that our society consider reasonable steps to reduce the risks of anaphylactic attacks?

I recall many meetings around a kitchen table, discussing the fact that “if only people knew more about the seriousness of anaphylaxis, we might get somewhere.” From these repeated discussions, a group of families has banded together with a mission to make our country’s decision-makers more knowledgeable about the life-threatening allergies. We want people to know more about how our loved ones must cope – and the simple, considerate steps that can be taken to reduce the risks of unnecessary allergic reactions.

The Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative was born out of the hope that Ottawa decision-makers, once aware of the possible ways of reducing risks for those with severe allergies, will be prompted to act.  We believe there are a few ways to achieve our results:

1. Raise awareness with MPs and the Parliament Hill community (our law makers);

2. Support MPs with their dealings within bureaucracy (our policy makers); and,

3. Respond to current affairs re anaphylaxis (to impact Ottawa’s decision making process).

With our initial activities, local Niagara and Mississauga MPs have been supportive in opening doors in Ottawa. Particularly, we thank MPs Dean Allison and Rick Dykstra, who helped us early on by providing important opportunities to further dialogue on Parliament Hill and within Ottawa bureaucracy.

I want to also take this opportunity to encourage anyone interested in the many issues involving anaphylaxis awareness to learn more about CAI. We have five policy points that represent important steps Ottawa can take in finding solutions for reducing anaphylaxis incidents.

1. Federal Government Coordination

2. Coordinated Awareness Campaigns

3. Long Term Commitment to Research

4. Improved Allergen Labeling

5. Improved Transportation Safeguards

This Spring, CAI issued a press release that outlines the current focus of its activity in Ottawa.  

Contact the CAI and let us know of your support.

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