The Year Before Us

2013 is a wonderful new beginning for us at the By George Journal and CG&A COMMUNICATIONS. Our company enters its 20th year and we have many special on-line events through this year leading up to our 20-year milestone.


The By George Journal will continue to bring its readers interesting articles and content they can use in their workplace and social settings. We promise more political commentary, inspirational and motivational pieces, and tips on how to better communicate and how to be more effective at work. Stay current with the BGJ on Twitter and Facebook.


We have big plans for introducing more works to our e-bookshelf. (Watch for our first announcement in the BGJ later this week!)


CG&A COMM will be making a number of announcements through the year as well, as we move back to the Ottawa area and reconnect with our many friends in politics and business.


Lisa and I (and our network of CG&A colleagues) are looking forward to 2013 and the adventure before us. – Chris


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