Canadian, eh?!

Is there any argument that Canuck humour begins and ends with ‘Eh?’

Often, foreigners have a difficult time understanding Canadians. Therefore, here’s a quick brief translation of the Canadian dialect.

  • EH= pronounced AY (similar but not the same as huh)
  • Eh is a useful word that is very important and is the basis of all Canadian communications. It is used in conjunction with other words, or simply by itself. The tone or the slight difference in exclamations also changes the meaning.
  • Eh = what did you say?
  • Eh? = what do you think
  • EH? = something to say just to end a sentence
  • Eh!! = WOW!!
  • EH!? = what do you mean?
  • Eh?? = your joking!!!??
  • EH!! = Hello.. you off in the distance!!!
  • Eh? = want a donut?
  • Eh! = sure!!
  • Eh!Eh! = coffee – double cream too please!
  • Eh? = what you say when you realize you have no money to pay for it
  • Eh… c’mon eh? = asking them to let you pay for it next time.
  • hey… eh! = want to go to the drive in movie??
  • Eh… uhuh = yes sure!
  • Eh…y’know = Ill pick you up at 8
  • Eh… c’mon!! = well that’s early… but ok
  • Eh…wanna? eh? = lets fool around
  • EHHHHHHH = sound coming from the car
  • hey… um… er eh… = I’m pregnant
  • EH????????? = how did that happen?
  • EHHH ehh EHHH ehh = baby’s first cry
  • Ehh…whad ya think eh? = marry me


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