25 Most Influential Artists on Earth

Here are the top 25 creative people in the world. These artists are picked by Complex Magazine as people who have been core to artistically developing our thoughts and interests. With out last post, you may have done well in recognizing heads of states and affluent businessmen, but how many of these famous artists are you familiar with?  


Complex Magazine introduced this list by stating:  If one thing is certain about the past 10 years, it is that the intersection of arts and products has become more transparent. We’re a generation spurred by collaboration and charged up by the potential of visual arts to better almost every idea.

Influence is a tough thing to pinpoint. However, we can easily celebrate the people that enriched our aesthetic options and made us think. Some of these folks created new products, others challenged gallery installations. We don’t  one type of art making over any other. Instead, we tip our hats to all who brought distinct and exciting visions to our daily lives.

In short, these are the artists who have shaped our vision of world over the past 10 years.

  1. KAWS, NY-based artist and designer (photo)
  2. Banksy, USA graffiti artist
  3. Damien Hirst
  4. Shepard Fairey (best known for Obama’s Hope poster)
  5. Stephen ESPO Powers, graffiti and studio artist
  6. Takashi Murakami, pop artist
  7. Ai Weiwei, Chinese architect (Beijing Olympic Stadium)
  8. FUTURA, NY subway graffiti
  9. Todd James, USA painter
  10. Ron English, USA “public space” artist
  11. Mister Cartoon, tattoo and graffiti artist
  12. KR (KRINK), graffiti (ink) artist
  13. Terry Richardson, photographer artist
  14. Barry McGee
  15. JR, Paris-based urban activist
  16. Frank Kozik, rock memorabilia
  17. Brent Rollins, art director, designer, author
  18. Ryan McGinley, photographer
  19. Dash Snow, photographer, collage artist
  20. Kehinde Wiley, African portraiture
  21. Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy creative director, designer
  22. Ryan Trecartin, USA film artist
  23. Geoff McFetridge, design with commercial products
  24. SWOON, street artist
  25. Ryan McGinness, iconic painting, silk screen artist


SOURCE:  See the full list and Complex commentary @ Complex Magazine website.


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