25 Most Powerful and Influential People on Earth

Here are the top 25 people who rule our world. So, how many of these global power brokers are you familiar with?  

  1. Barack Obama, USA President
  2. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
  3. Vladimir Putin, Russia President
  4. Bill Gates, USA businessman (Microsoft)
  5. Pop Benedict XVI, Head of Roman Catholic Church
  6. Ben Bernanke, USA Federal Reserve Chair
  7. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, Saudi Arabia King
  8. Mario Draghi, European Central Bank President
  9. Xi Jinping, China General Secretary, Communist Party
  10. David Cameron, U.K. Prime Minister
  11. Carlos Slim Helu & family, Mexican businessman (America Mobil)
  12. Sonia Gandhi, India President
  13. Li Keqiang, China Vice Premier
  14. Francois Hollande, France President
  15. Warren Buffet, USA businessman (investor)
  16. Michael Bloomberg, USA Mayor of NY
  17. Michael Duke, USA businessman (Wal-Mart)
  18. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil President
  19. Manmohan Singh, India Prime Minister
  20. Sergey Brin, USA businessman (Google)
  21. Larry Page, USA businessman (Google)
  22. Ali Hoseini-Khamenei, Iran Grand Ayatollah
  23. Rex Tillerson, USA businessman (Exxon Mobil)
  24. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister
  25. Jeffrey Immelt, USA businessman (GE)

SOURCE:  See the full list and Forbes commentary @ the Forbes website.


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