Always a houseful of music


For those unaware, the George household has a few budding musicians in it. Our youngest plays the piano and has been busy this summer learning the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings.  Our oldest is serious about pursuing a musical career playing his violin – and having fun along the way with his mandolin, button accordion and guitar. Through the last five months, Alexander has lept at every opportunity presented to him in our new community to perform and participate in fiddle jams.  We have spent a summer taking him to weekly jams and appearances, and traveling to fiddle competitions and camps across Ontario.

Our house is blessed with a great deal of music! (This photo is of Alexander’s surprise 12th birthday party, shared with the wonderful fiddling community of Niagara.)

For those interested, Alexander has his own website, Of Fiddles and Kitchen Parties, where he comments on his adventures:

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