Become who you wish to be through greater self-awareness

The start of each new year often prompts people to reflect on how to become a better person…. With this question in mind, By George is re-posting an article concerning becoming that person you most desire to become.   


inspire51Here is a series of important questions to ask of yourself in quiet moments of contemplation. These questions will help to focus your thoughts around your personal purpose. They will better fuel your soul with the motivation you require to tackle each and every day with vigor and determination. Asked routinely, you will establish a significant process of inspection and reflection that will foster a greater self-awareness.


1.  Consider “your life” question: What is my sentence? Think about a single sentence that will sum up your life – perhaps the lead sentence of your obituary. This sentence captures your purpose, aspirations and most satisfying accomplishment. Settle on that one sentence and then, ask yourself nightly, Am I fulfilling my purpose?


2.  Question your daily actions and thoughts, and consider that with achieving every small goal you improve. Ask the question of yourself every evening:  Was I better today than yesterday?  Set small goals to help you progress – and be realistic that you will not make some remarkable leap to the finish line in just one day. Take incremental steps – make small goals – to move you forward. Every night, review your steps and set goals for the next day.


3.  Do you feel like you need to re-focus? Consider a 360-self review. Have you set realistic goals? Are you meeting targets? Why/why not? What skills and tools do you need to reach your goals? Not happy – do your present actions align with your life question? Be brutally honest in your self-appraisal:  Am I satisfied with my performance?  Write down those actions necessary for you to improve – and repeat this 360-review within 3 months.


It was the philosopher Miletus of Thales who stated some of most powerful, self-motivating words of our human race:  “Know Thyself.”  Important questions (and honest answers) will prove illuminating and most powerful in your personal journey. Q1: Am I fulfilling my purpose? Q2: Was I better today than yesterday? Q3: Am I satisfied with my performance?

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