Like a magpie’s refrain

amwritingSorry, there’s no inspiration here.

There’s deliberation and cursory reviews,

some light criticism and cynical observations,

and heaping servings of borrowed thoughts

(even some regurgitated pulp from

dated, unconnected ideas written years ago).  

But no insightful pronouncements,

no brilliance, no profundity.

Sorry, there’s been no epiphany today.

There’s only scribbles and lifted quotes

dropped onto a page, tied together with phrases

arranged by a harried, unknowing magpie.   

Here we have the results of a curious bird

flitting out every morning in search of

those prized musings to put the absurdity of

our human lot into some kind of appreciable order.

Supposedly, if you comb through this feathered nest

long enough, you will find a trinket or coloured stone

that will cause you to pause, delight your senses, or better:

provide you with a glimpse of the possible and the good.


– Chris George, January 2014

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