The Move

– So it’s a calculated move?

– Sorrta: the vineyards were fine for the wineries

but a working soul can wither in the Niagara sun

We chose to leave the magnificent web we had spun,

leave behind the comfort, contentment of the Briarfield lair

to jump into “the next phase of our lives”

into the deep end, with both feet

and now as we consider the many unknowns

that leap has us free falling into the future.


There is so much anticipated for Almonte

We know it as a colourful, caring small town

A Rockwellian Main Street that time passed by

filled with genuine folk who smile, nod and

go about their honest day’s business.

A wonderful home town to nurture a growing family.


We’re excited about exiting the road we’re on – for Main Street

Yet I am certain we are accelerating towards new realities:

Truths are exposed when no longer wrapped in familiarity

The status quo is challenged when there are no recognizable boundaries

Decisions are deliberately taken, one-step-at-a-time, when the path is unknown


– So, a calculated move: yes

We are convinced that it is a necessary journey

spanning both geographical and spiritual divides

to discover new streets, new people and new truths

to re-discover old feelings, buried muses and forgotten memories

to exhume those lifeless parts of ourselves,

prop them up in front of a mirror and

dare ourselves to realize the potential and promise

of our Family’s prospects, our dreams and hopes for Life’s adventures.


– Chris George


(ed. – This March 2013 poem is reposted on the occasion of the one year mark of our “moving day” and arrival in Almonte. It is hard to believe it has been a year!) 

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