A Clear Choice: To Party On or Begin to Pay the Piper

Thursday we choose between our generous Step-Mom,
who is treating us and partying with Dad’s credit cards
and Dr. No, who we are told will enforce our bed time

We are either Wynners with all our wishes, wants
and desires; a celebration for the here and now forever!
or we are conscientious objectors who pronounce the party over

The really neat thing about credit cards is the sky is the limit;
Dream big, live large and we can chill for Step-Mom tells us
“We can have it all; there’s no bills due and no consequences!”

Gotta believe her when the fun filled gaiety is supported by teachers,
nurses, and even the police who recount stories of shadowy Dr. No,
while they’re stuffing their pockets and faces with Step-Mom’s treats

We are told we can happily live the dream, no curfews or alarm clocks
and no need to heed Dr. No’s prescriptions for restoring a routine of
paying the bills, putting in a full day, providing for Family and community

Much is at play in Ontario’s election and our vote comes down to either:
Enchanting Step-Mom, leading a parade of partiers thru our living room
Or the Doctor, with his serious, sour demeanor and a scary set of rules

Chris George
June 2014




1 thought on “A Clear Choice: To Party On or Begin to Pay the Piper

  1. Dave Redekop

    Hi Chris:

    I would love to talk about your analysis of the Ontario vote. I thought of you often as the results poured in and the people of Ontario decided to embrace a lie instead of face the truth. How long until Ms. Wynne must deal with the prospect of cutting budgets, living within our means, and looking reality square in the eye? This may turn out to be very good for Stephen Harper, however. Perhaps we can connect to ruminate further.


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