It occurs to me…

It occurs to me that if I had an original thought in the middle of nowhere
there’d be nobody to hear me out; nobody to confirm
that the idea is remarkable – that my thought is genius

which is why I’m here staring blankly at my keyboard
and not enjoying myself, perhaps paddling my canoe across a lake
I need to capture that original idea; wrestle it down; get it on paper
and then hold it up above my head and parade it around for all to see

I turn the light out and sit in the pre-dawn darkness listening to my breath
close my eyes and watch white, ghostly figures dance across the underside of my eyelids;
wash all thoughts away from my mind and concentrate on the creeping silence
and I imagine I’m out on the water, taking long J strokes to keep the canoe straight
there’s mist and dark evergreens and a distance shoreline, reed beds and a crane

so, sitting alone, in the dark, fingers cramped, poised, airborne overtop of my keyboard
I glare at the motionless bird, and all its promise, hoping in some way to connect
to what lays before me and the shoreline and the breeze and sunlight above the pines;
to those primal feelings that cause us to wince, itch and mumble aloud to ourselves
and, in this way, I might be able to gain some perspective, and strike a new thought


Chris George

Chris George has released “Almonte and the summer of 2013 that was”, a compilation of 10 poems compiled through last year’s summer months. The verses capture the expectations raised in moving into a new community and making a new start. They also include personal reflections of a writer’s challenges to begin again, afresh. If you are interested in receiving “Almonte and the summer of 2013 that was” – write – and provide your e-mail.

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