8 Lessons of Life

At 108 years old, Alice Herz-Sommer, is both the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor and the world’s oldest concert pianist.

Alice was eight years old when the Titanic sank, saw the start and end of the first world war, survived the atrocities of the Nazi prison camps, outlived her mother, husband and only son, and is a twenty-five year cancer survivor.

Through unspeakable tragedy, Alice is still smiling, victorious over the anguish, pain and death that could have killed her shining spirit many decades ago. Alice is an incurable optimist.

Here are eight lessons we can learn from the life of this extraordinary woman:

1. Learn, learn, learn.
2. Be disciplined. Work hard.
3. Laugh.
4. Look inside yourself for strength.
5. Don’t complain.
6. Be optimistic. Look for the good things.
7. Never hate.
8. Be grateful.

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