Canadians on Canadian politics

Here are a dozen insightful quotes on Canadian politics, recently observed by Canadian political pundits and media.

  • “When you allow people to choose between the corrupt and the stupid, they will go for the corrupt.” – Arthur Finkelstein
  • “Like an episode of Seinfeld, Canadian politics has become a show about nothing.” – Alex Himelfarb
  • “Brokerage is becoming a relic of a bygone era… Politics is increasingly characterized by the segmentation of electors.” – Alex Marland
  • “The parties are marketing mechanisms for fighting elections. That’s almost all they do these days.” – Preston Manning
  • “All prime ministers dominate their governments, for such is the nature of the friendly dictatorship our federal government has become.” – Jeffrey Simpson
  • “It becomes too inbred, and everybody thinks the same. And everybody’s tied together by unconditional loyalty to the leader, and so might not canvass the options thoroughly.” – Tom Flanagan
  • “I find Canadian politics frustratingly secretive, but Stephen [Harper] carries it probably further than most.”- Tom Flanagan
  • “Codes of ethics, ethics commissioners, political watchdogs, regulatory and accountability legislation all have their place in endeavouring to raise the ethical tone of governments, political parties, and politicians. But if the aim is corruption-free, ethical politics there is still no substitute for rock-solid personal integrity on the part of those involved.” – Preston Manning
  • “After some basic level of taxation, more taxes do not buy more “civilization,” they simply buy you more government, and the two are not the same thing.” – Mark Milke, Fraser Institute
  • “The relationship with the United States is something the prime minister alone has to nurture the same way he would tend to the most delicate flowers in a garden. It’s that important.” – Brian Mulroney
  • “If America was trying to keep the bubonic plague out of its hemisphere, Canadians would import it just to show their independence of American foreign policy.” – Barbara Amiel
  • “Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it.” – Joe Clark


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