QUIZ re Maclean’s Most Influential Canadians

Maclean’s produced their annual list of the top 50 most influential Canadians. By George Journal has reproduced the list of the top 10 below.

THE QUIZ: We challenge you to name the occupation of the following 10 Canucks (1 point) and relate why there are so important to our country (1 point).

In the comments section below, you can find the answers to our questions.

How informed are you?

  1. Stephen Harper
  2. Joanne Liu
  3. Mark Wiseman
  4. Beverley McLachlin
  5. Janice Charette
  6. Guy A. Lepage
  7. Bharat Masrani
  8. Bob Paulson
  9. Jenni Byrne
  10. Philippe Couillard

How many points out of the 20 can you get?

To see the full list of the 50 most influential Canadians, go to the Maclean’s article here.


1 thought on “QUIZ re Maclean’s Most Influential Canadians

  1. CG


    Stephen Harper
    Prime Minister heading into an election year, prepared to make many announcements for re-election

    Joanne Liu
    International President of Doctors without Borders, who is leading the world’s response to the Ebola crisis

    Mark Wiseman
    President and CEO of CPP Investment Board, overseeing the assets of Canadians’ pension fund

    Beverley McLachlin
    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, now Canada’s longest serving Chief – first woman

    Janice Charette
    Privy Council Clerk, the federal bureaucracy’s senior-most mandarin

    Guy A. Lepage
    Quebec TV talk show host, who is the francophone’s answer to Rick Mercer

    Bharat Masrani
    CEO to Canada’s largest bank – TD, he welds great power over country’s financial policies

    Bob Paulson
    RCMP Commissioner, heading the country’s anti-terrorism efforts

    Jenni Byrne
    Deputy Chief of Staff to the PM, she is running the Conservatives’ 2015 election campaign

    Philippe Couillard
    Quebec’s Premier, who is realigning the Province’s power and its role in Canada


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