A toast (and quotes) for the New Year

1-CHAMPAGNEHere are some of our favourite toasts to cheer in the New Year:

  • Here’s to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to things that are yet to come and to the memories that we hold.
  • As we start the New Year, let’s get down on our knees to thank God we’re on our feet.
  • May all your troubles in the coming year be as short as your New Year’s resolutions.
  • May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.
  • May the road rise up before you, and the wind be always at your back, and the good Lord hold you in the hollow of his hands.
  • May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and heaven accept you.
  • Dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening, and live every day as if it were your last.
  • Welcome are those that are here; welcome all, and make good cheer; welcome all, another year.

By George revelers do not want this opportunity to go by without providing New Year’s quotes to mark the advance of 2015.

  • No one ever regarded the First of January with indifference. It is that from which all date their time, and count upon what is left. It is the nativity of our common Adam. — Charles Lamb
  • Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.
    A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.
  • The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows.– George William Curtis
  • New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday. — Charles Lamb
  • Each age has deemed the new-born year, the fittest time for festal cheer — Sir Walter Scott
  • The merry year is born, like the bright berry from the naked thorn. — Hartley Coleridge
    Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. — Brooks Atkinson
  • Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunder-storm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols. — Thomas Mann
  • An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in; a pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. — Bill Vaughan
  • Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve – middle age is when you’re forced to. — Bill Vaughn

The very best in 2015 – Chris George

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