President Obama and ISIS

In a very provocative opinion piece, American political pundit Rachel Alexander (co-editor of Intellectual Conservative) identifies American President Obama as the primary reason: Why Americans don’t care about ISIS

Alexander observes:

     We see the horrifying images of prisoners in orange jumpsuits about to be beheaded everywhere now in the news, but not much seems to happen in response. These images have worsened into chilling photos of Christians burned alive, yet nothing changes. Ancient relics are being destroyed by these barbarians, erasing centuries-old treasured records of Biblical days. Thousands are slaughtered every month by the 30,000 to 50,000 jihadists now fighting with ISIS, and young boys are recruited into the army and girls kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.

     Meanwhile, Americans continue to go about their daily lives as if there is no war going on, centered on their smartphones and Starbucks coffee, mostly oblivious to the increase in the most depraved mass murders taking place during most of our lifetimes.

Alexander provides the following analogy to summarize the current American sentiment.

     Americans’ apathy is akin to a frog in a pot of water that is slowly heating up, not realizing what is happening until it is too late. ISIS’s jihadist violence is increasing, but the more it increases, the more Americans seem to tune it out.

This is a troubling read and one that helps to put into perspective President Obama’s tact on Middle East and ISIS crises and the American public’s response to the worsening situation. Read the full article on the website Enter Stage Right, right here: Why Americans don’t care about ISIS

Here are a few news links that provide a glimpse into the President’s current thinking on ISIS…

RCPV: OReilly: is Obama Losing the War on Terror?

CDN: ISIS, the Crusades, and Obama’s Islamic worldview

UK Independent: President Obama claims rise of ISIS is unintended consequence of George W. Bushs invasion of Iraq

Fox News: As ISIS terror grows Obamas top regret is not closing Guantanamo

NY Post: Obama is as clueless about 9/11 as he is about ISIS 

It is all troubling.



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