On Courage (especially today, June 6th)


The following is from my personal Facebook page posted this morning…


I had to share this observation (especially on the anniversary of D-Day):

“Life in Canada circa 2015 is a society plagued with entitlement. We now live in a dream world, with minimal external threat and the luxury of free education, advanced medicine and peaceful political stability. That’s something that very, very, very few people have enjoyed before the dawn of the 20th century. And while I do believe income inequality is a real issue, we must also recognize that statistically speaking, the vast majority of Canadians enjoy a higher standard of living then Medieval royalty. Because we are the ones reaping the fruits of our ancestor’s labours, it’s not hard to forget how easy we really have it, and sometimes we confuse overcoming our modern-day troubles for real courage. Real courage is the willingness to lose a limb for your country and for your brothers and sisters on the battlefield. Real courage is to kiss your family goodbye as you move into hostile territory, not knowing if you’ll ever see the ones you love again. Real courage is using what little fame you have acquired to do something positive for your community.”


(This comment was made by Gavin Cook, brother of Steve Cook, an old friend I have in Niagara. Appreciate that this comment on courage is an extract taken from a longer opinion statement made on a separate issue. That said, bravo Gavin and thank you for expressing this thought so eloquently.)


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(ed. – Photo Credit: From Juno Beach Centre Association, a Canadian non-profit charitable corporation to raise awareness about Canadians sacrifice during WWII — @ http://www.junobeach.org/canadas-dday-tribute-campaign/ )


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