Personal reflections: donairs


You always remember your first donair.

Halifax in the late 80’s.


Sitting on Pizza Corner.

A KOD large with extra sauce.


Over the decades, I would not want to guess the numbers of donairs I have had. However, I will venture to share the three most memorable donairs I have devoured.

My brother-in-law Bruce is always a willing partner in my donair runs and we have enjoyed far too many lunches and mid-afternoon snacks to count. Bruce figures in two of my three most memorable donair eating experiences.

The #1 favorite donair memory is of the two of us eating a mighty OKA – the largest donair made on this planet! – at Frank’s in Stewiacke. On that summer afternoon, we ordered one each (each with enough meat to feed a family of five) and proceeded to chomp our way through the football-sized donairs in about 30 minutes. I recall that we didn’t want to wipe our hands after the feat. We savoured the smell of donair meat the rest of the afternoon and through the dinner hour (and neither of us felt much like eating that evening).

#2 favourite donair memory is from the mid-90’s, courtesy of Patsy’s Pizza in Lance (no longer open).  Just before the extended family was going to have a big holiday meal, Bruce and I slipped out to a local pizzeria and convenience store to get a few items. We had young 2-year old Megan in tow when we thought a Patsy’s donair would be a nice pre-meal snack. Patsy made those donairs herself, and I remember she got to laughing and snorting in a high, squealing voice, as she was prone to do, every time we would fake a Texan drawl and compliment her, “Patsy, you make the best donairs in Lance.” The adventure is most memorable because we swore Meg to secrecy only to be ratted out the second she burst into the house, minutes before we all sat down to a wonderful turkey dinner. It’s an endearing memory, something we will never let Meg forget…

#3 memory is an unforgettable night I had in Halifax. To set the scene you must know that I had eaten two donairs from the-one-and-only KOD on Pizza Corner through the day – large donairs with extra sauce for my lunch – and for my dinner. To finish the day, I returned to my favourite eating establishment to order a third large donair with extra sauce. Hurriedly, with my mouth watering, I skipped back to the Delta and retreated to my room. There I ate it, the-third-donair-of-the-day, lying on my bed watching a hockey match. I was sprawled out, the donair resting on my chest, and I recall I had a hand towel by my side to catch any of the sauce that ran down off my elbows. It was a UBR event, and what a restless night’s sleep, but all very much worth it. I lived to tell the tale and retell the tale through my meetings the next day – and, yes, had people salivating and anxious to make their own run to Pizza Corner.

Believe it or not, these exceptional donair memories will be forever cherished!

And, I am so pleased to relate that just this Christmas, more wonderful donair memories were made during our Nova Scotia holiday visit. Here is a photo collection of three experiences I enjoyed while in Halifax and Truro.

Brother-in-law Bruce and I had our traditional “let’s-catch-up-on-life” meal at Domascus in Truro. Large donairs with extra sauce.


I was pleasantly surprised by my good friend Shannon’s tasty original phyllo creation: Donairpita (with a Maritime rum-and-coke).

donair_03   donair_04

I also had my first taste of what has become a favourite appetizer: the Papa Mario’s infamous donair eggrolls.

If you have a favourite donair story, I want to hear from you! Please connect so that we can compare notes!

I shall end this post with a couple of reminders…. always remember to order “extra sauce” and don’t wait too long for your next donair experience! – Chris


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2 thoughts on “Personal reflections: donairs

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  2. larry

    Sadly I have no experiences in donair-noshing. The numerous visits made to Halifax usually ended up in supporting the local lobster & seafood industry. No Haligonian apprised me of the delicacy of a beef-on-a-stick sandwich. Go figure.

    Further, any time a Haligonian returned to Ottawa from visiting home, they carted little square boxes cleverly disguised with pictures of lobsters – exactly like the boxes we non-Haligonians brought back. Yet all this time those Bluenoe insiders were sneaking back beef-on-a-stick sandwiches wrapped in tin foil.

    Having read now about the high-standing these delicacies are held, I understand why their existence is somewhat downplayed. However, having never had that first experience of lunching on one of these leading epicurian pasties I must say that I question the loyalty of ‘friends’ who have never brought one or two back in those bogus lobster containers.

    Perhaps I will be surprised with such generosity of spirit in the future.


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