Ever wonder what we do?


Ever wonder what we do? How we help our clients? What is it that we do all day at CG&A COMMUNICATIONS?

Much of our day we’ll spend staring into a screen, with fingers effortlessly tapping the keyboard in the pursuit of the next perfect sentence or provocative image. It’s a day of creativity and an attention to details. Our goal is always to develop effective, evocative communications that achieve the desired results.

Whether you are mounting a PR campaign for your organization, need to win over a particular audience with your idea, or wish to leave a great impression at your up-coming meeting, your success will depend directly on the clarity of your thought and the persuasiveness of your presentation.

Providing clarity and effective advocacy is precisely the invaluable support CG&A COMMUNICATIONS can provide. To use a Canadian analogy: we’ll pack killer snowballs so you can toss ‘em.

We provide the communications support required to be successful in advancing your cause. We have a disciplined approach to our PR and issue management initiatives that has come with decades worth of public and government relations experience. At the core of everything we do is quality writing, copy-editing and content development.

Some communications consultants will shroud their work in a mystic creative process. As results-oriented communicators, we prefer to talk about our systematic approach to meeting defined objectives. Our discipline in achieving results is a stepped process:

  • Set clear objectives and plan of approach
  • Craft persuasive arguments and well developed materials
  • Plan a systematic implementation – eye to detail and info gathering
  • Execute consistent follow-through and persistent follow-up
  • Review and analyze results to develop next steps

To describe our approach in another way, you might say we’re part-chief-investigator-part-dream-weaver. I personally like to think of myself as an “amiable gadfly and seeker-of-all-things-that-can-make-a-good-story.” However, that title would likely raise more questions than it answers around a boardroom table… so, I will stick with the rather conservative albeit clumsy: PR/GR advocate, writer, copy-editor & content developer.

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Chris George, providing reliable PR counsel and effective advocacy. Need a trusted executive assistant, a communications can-do guy, or a go-to-scribe? Call 613-983-0801 @ CG&A COMMUNICATIONS.

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