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The Hill – is the authoritative news voice and a must-read for all things happening on Parliament Hill. This week the paper has begun a bi-weekly publishing schedule, delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays.


It is always an informative read! For example, here are 10 interesting facts about the current state of affairs in Ottawa gleaned from the paper’s last few editions.


  • Of the Syrian refugees that Canada has welcomed, only 15 percent of them actually came from refugee camps.
  • The House of Commons sat only 9 days in March and will sit only 10 days in April. Related:  in 6 months of Government, the Liberals have introduced only 12 legislative bills.
  • Prevalent HT budget analysis is summed up in front page headlines: “Trudeau’s big government spending budget reflects his view of Canadian federalism”
  • Federal public service unions not satisfied with federal budget:  wants commitment to new hiring spree
  • Canada is seeking a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council by promising to take command of the UN military force in Haiti.
  • Rail safety, transit funding and drone regulations are the top transportation items in Parliamentary circles at the moment.
  • Vancouver Centre MP Hedy Fry has become the longest serving female MP in Canadian Parliamentary history. She first won her seat in the 1993 election defeating then PM Kim Campbell.
  • The NDP has dropped to 12 percent support of the decided vote, while the Liberals have grown to 46 percent. The Conservatives are at 30 percent, near their election night support.
  • The Conservative Party has set new membership fees at $25 and has its own Calgary MP Deepak Obhrai criticizing it as “an elitist party.”
  • The Canadian Association of Prawn Producers have a new advocacy campaign launched on a website: and the Canadian Urban Transit Association has a new campaign at website:



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