On Canada’s latest “Greatest Hockey Moment”


Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal will be etched in the memory of every Canadian who watched that gold medal performance. Like the Canada-Soviet ’72 series and Paul Henderson’s heroics was for generations of Canucks, the Crosby goal will be the defining moment of our country’s game for younger generations. 


It was a glorious goal. That goal will live on in Olympic lore, in Canadian hockey history – in infamy.


It is Canada’s latest, greatest moment!


Here are some memorable comments and reactions from Sid the Kid’s OT winner: 

  • I didn’t see it go in, I just heard everyone scream. Every kid dreams of this opportunity — it could’ve been anybody else. – Sidney Crosby
  • We’d been talking together all tournament as a line – and communicating with each other. He (Crosby) was yelling for it – was yelling pretty urgently. There are different pitches of yells; this was loud. – Jarome Iginla
  • That’s Sid for you.  There’s a reason he’s the best player in the world. He always shows up in those big moments and scores those big goals. – Ryan Getzlaf.
  • There’s nothing that Kid can’t do, or hasn’t done already. – Jonathan Toews
  • Guys like that find a way. – Chris Pronger
  • I’ve always been proud to be a Canadian. It doesn’t have to mean going to an Olympics. You could see the passion tonight, the passion for hockey, but also everything in general. I’m proud to represent that. – Sidney Crosby
  • That’s a roller coaster ride to get scored on with 20 or so seconds left. Then to win it in overtime, and that’s really what you dream of, to win it in overtime. We had the right guy scoring the goal. – Dan Boyle
  • I feel like shit. – U.S. goaltender Ryan Miller.
  • It’s so fitting. It’s funny. There’s so much pressure on him. I mean, we win a semifinal game and we’re into the finals and all people are asking is: ‘But what about Sid? What about Sid?’ You know, he’s playing well. He’s playing hard. He’s getting lots of chances. They’re always trying to shut him down. That’s the first guy they think about. And he just keeps going. He just keeps playing hard. He just keeps battling. He had a great tournament and people aren’t satisfied unless he gets two or three goals a game. And it never fazes him. It’s all about the team and he just goes about his way. It is awesome to see him finish it. – Jarome Iginla
  • I just keep going back to: He’s (Crosby) such a young person. And to have the weight of the country on his shoulders, and it’s not just necessarily good enough for him to win, he’s got to lead the team in scoring. That’s a lot to put on a young player. So I thought he had a good tournament. I thought he conducted himself well under immense pressure. I think he did fantastic. – Steve Yzerman
  • It’s an incredible relief.  In October 2008 we became a staff and began our preparations. And we’ve been thinking about this day and dreaming about it daily for 18 months or whatever it’s been. It’s an incredible relief when our goal was just to win. Regardless of how well we played, we had to win. – Steve Yzerman
  • This game showed all the good there is in hockey. The heart and determination everybody plays with; the battle level, the character of the athletes. It’s a pretty special sport. It was a fun game to be a part of. Wish I could be on the other end of it. – Jamie Langenbrunner
  • The nation of 34 million fanatics is on top of the hockey world today thanks to Crosby’s magic, and all is well in the Great White North. – Wall Street Journal


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