Our search for “The Beloved Symbol of Canada”

green-maple-leaves-wallpapersThrough the month of June, By George will be conducting a Canadiana contest to select the most-Canadian of symbols. It will be a head-to-head choice of 64 different items that are celebrated and treasured by Canucks.


On our By George Facebook page, we will be announcing the individual contests and allowing for our followers to comment on the selections. Should there be a compelling argument or overwhelming outcry about the choice of one of the symbols, or the other, By George will reserve the right to reverse the decision and go with our readership’s favourite. For example, in this week’s contest, there was the head-to-head decision of “Peace Tower” or “Northern Lights”. The winner: “Northern Lights” (as being a more significant symbol of Canadiana). Agree? Disagree? Let us know on our Facebook page – here.

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Another of the early examples has “The Loon” going head-to-head against “Pamela Anderson”. The winner: “the Loon.” Agree or disagree? Let us know – click here to make a comment.

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Canadiana Abound


Here are the 64 items to be contested in By George‘s search for “The Beloved Symbol of Canada”

Alex Trebek

Ann Murray



Bobby Orr’s iconic goal

Bryan Adams


Calgary Stampede

Cape Breton


Canadian Goose

Canadian lakes



Celine Dion

Chris Hatfield

CN Tower

Flag of Canada

Group of Seven

Grey Cup



John A. Macdonald

Justin Beiber

Leonard Cohen



Lucy Maude Montgomery

Maritime Coast

Maple Syrup

Margaret Atwood

Mike Myers



Niagara Falls

Northern Lights

Ottawa Canal

Pamela Anderson

Parliament Hill

Peace Tower

Peggy’s Cove

PEI field of potatoes

Pierre Elliot Trudeau


Polar bear

Quebec City


RCMP musical ride

Red Maple

Rockie Mountains

Shania Twain


Snow-covered forests

Stompin Tom Connors

Terry Fox

Tim Horton’s

Tommy Douglas


Toronto Maple Leafs

Totem Poles


Wayne Gretzky

Wheat fields of the Prairies

William Shatner


Follow along on the By George Facebook page to see us pare down this list to “The Beloved Symbol of Canada”


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